Who we are and What we do

We Wanted to de different by being informative, social, innovative, and rebellious. Taboo free, stereotype free, and sexist free.

We wanted to be artistic, sexual, passionate, and openminded. We wanted to transform sexual education through our creative blog posts, sex boutique, and educational courses.

So, We Became Oral Sex Academy.

oral sex academy


Our global network of sexperts love to supply us with constant advice and experience in our weekly blogs


Our online store will provide you with access to anything and everything you could ever need to explore and experiment with your recently gained skill set from our Academy

Oral sex academy

Freemium content

Take advantage of our 100% free research and advice from a team of international experts and bloggers

Oral sex academy


Join our elite group and take part in our extensive training videos to become the best of the best at the art of oral sex.

Our Team

Silvana G

Co-founder / Research team

is our support. Her prior achievements and successes in life offer us priceless insight and guidance throughout our journey to be the best of the best.

Victor H.

CMO & Research team

is a true visionary and innovator. He was forged out of adversity and his determination is only superseded by his passion for our success.

Marco P.


is considered as an enthusiast, polite and ethic person he has a huge sense of compromise with every task that he accept life, workaholic and addict to learn new technologies.

Giordano L.

Creative Director

is the mad scientist of the organization. His creativity and designs are nothing short of pure genius while his relentless dedication to quality brings our visions to life.

Our Research Team

During sex you are transforming in a memory of that person's life, it depends on you which type of memory you want to leave. One that is incredible and exciting or one that is plain and simple. In Oral sex Academy we are going to teach you how to make that memory unique and unforgettable
I have more than 15 years of experience and research on human sexologist and couple therapy. As a specialist and researcher of Oral Sex Academy I want to share with the students, my knowledges and understandings on how to stimulate the human body most erogenous zone.
Generating the content of Oral Sex Academy has been one of the best and rewarding experiences that I had along my 20 years as a doctor specialized in sexology. This course is an opportunity of teaching millions of people how to foster their sexual relationships
The good sex can not be teached, it can only be release. Everyone is a living cage of love, lust, tenderness and passion. In Oral Sex Academy we teach you how to open that cage. Conquer your self first and you will conquer whatever you want.



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